What You Can Earn as a Claims Adjuster

What kind of income can a new Claims Adjuster reasonably expect to earn?

Well, I’ve done some research and as of December 2012, we see that the national average is around $43,800. This shows a low in about $35,000 $57,000 and this is again the national range.

But I also want to look more closely at Texas so, if you are looking at getting your license and applying for staff adjuster positions with some of the larger companies.

I found a web site called GlassDoor.com and you can also check out information like this on Monster.com. Indeed.com is another great place and you can see some of this information for yourself, but I want to share some of this. (note:  this is information as of December 2012)  I have chosen several large companies that you’d be familiar with from this list. I also looked at AllState, they have a claims adjuster averaging $40,830. And I see they’re showing up to $60,000 there. Senior Claims Service Adjusters averaging $52,461 and the top end is showing there $72,000.

Another company you may be aware of is Travelers Insurance. A Claims Adjuster here shows an average salary of $55,588, and it looks like the top end there is around $72,000. State Farm has a lot of adjusters in the state of Texas and let’s look here, Claims Adjuster average is $55,237 showing a top end of around $85,000 and, remember these salaries that I’m talking about are with companies where there will be benefits so the actual value, if you want to call it that, the salary is much higher.

These types of jobs would reasonably include benefits such as health care and 401k plan. Sometimes there will be equipment provided and there may be a company car provided; this should give you a little bit better feel of what you could expect to earn as a Texas claims adjuster.