Finding Good Jobs No Degree – What is Involved in Becoming an Insurance Adjuster

What exactly is involved in becoming a Texas insurance adjuster??  Here is quick overview of the steps and time frames involved.

The licence training class is 3 days spent in the classroom ( 30 hours of class time) and 10 hours of self-study, prior to the class. Optional training  is recommended if you don’t have a construction or trades background. (Adjuster fundamentals, Xactimate software training)

Including the optional classes, it is possible to complete all of the adjuster training in seven days.

Assuming that you pass the license exam,  complete your paperwork properly and quickly, and pass your background check,  you could have your Texas license  in 4-6 weeks.

That’s a new career path– in 6 weeks or less– for under $1,000!  Get the full details here about the Texas adjuster all-lines training.

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