Best Careers Without a Degree – Insurance Adjusters

What are some of the reasons to NOT get a degree?

Skyrocketing costs of traditional education has made college an expensive undertaking.

A formal degree takes a great deal of time to obtain. Time you have to spend away from family, in addition to working, or even 4 years of being unable to earn income, and instead incurring debt from student loans.

The good news is that a great career is not dependent on getting a new 4-year degree. There are a range of paths you can follow that allow you to get a good job, without years of study and thousands of dollars in student fees.

One of the ideal careers for someone wanting to get started quickly is becoming an Insurance Adjuster. Not only can you quickly obtain a license, but it is also easily affordable for any budget and allows you to start earning money right away, while those with a degree are forced to spend at least the first few years after they graduate in debt.

Becoming an Insurance Adjuster has some huge advantages for both singles and families such as: steady income; the option to travel; flexible work hours; quick and affordable to get your license; and wide job availability. Your Texas Insurance Adjuster License is recognized in 32 states. (note:  some states will require that you first obtain your home state’s license first; always, always check with your state and the Texas Department of Insurance, to be certain of the most current reciprocity rules)

Working as an Insurance Adjuster can also provide you with great job satisfaction.

So what does an Insurance Adjuster do?

Recently you would have seen the devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy. Insurance Adjusters have played a vital role in getting people back on their feet, by quickly and professionally assessing damages to homes and making recommendations to insurance companies to fast track claims and get homes rebuilt.

Damage caused by hurricanes, storms, fires, floods or vandalism of homes, offices, cars or boats needs to be checked out by an Insurance Adjuster so that the owner can get things repaired through their insurance.

The need for Insurance Adjusters is constant, and regardless of technology, Adjusters are still required survey the damage.

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