North Texas Adjuster License Training

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Texas Adjuster License Training Options

  • (3 days) Texas All-Lines License Training (fri-sat-sun)
  • (5 days) Texas All-Lines License Training + Xactimate® Estimating Software Training (fri-tues)
  • (7 Days) Pro Adjuster Package:  Texas All-Lines License Training + Xactimate Training + Adjuster Fundamentals (fri-thurs)
  • License Class Location: 2302 10th Street, Bridgeport, TX 76426 (Comfort Suites Hotel)

New Career…Fast Track

A Texas insurance adjuster license requires no college degree and license training can be completed in as little as 3 days.

The Texas All-Lines adjuster license allows for multiple career options:

      • residential property claims
      • auto claims
      • commercial property claims
      • workman’s comp
      • inland marine
      • (and more)
“Obtaining a Texas adjuster license may allow you to benefit from the reciprocity agreements of  other states.”

Table of Contents (click for specific topics)

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Texas Adjuster License Training

  • Texas All-Lines License Training + Exam
  • Optional:  Xactimate® Training
  • Optional: Adjuster Fundamentals (No Class Scheduled)
  • Location:  Bridgeport, TX (hotel location to be announced)

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TX Adjuster Course Description

Days 1-3: 30 hours Texas All-Lines License Training plus exam

  • ethical duties and responsibilities of a licensed claims adjuster
  • overview of various policy types, including home and auto
  • how to determine/interpret policy coverages
  • final exam is included, at the conclusion of Day 3
  • 10 hours self-study required, before class begins

The curriculum meets all TX Dept of Insurance requirements; study materials (digital download) and workbooks (in class) are provided.

2 Days: Adjuster fundamentals (optional)

  • how to scope losses
  • recommended tools and best practices
  • overview of construction materials
  • taking accurate measurements
  • taking photos of the loss
  • determining what the policy will cover
  • claims management tips

2 Days: Xactimate® Software Training (optional)

  • how to create a claims estimate
  • introduction to Sketch  (graphical estimating)
  • how to upload and manage images
  • drawing simple and complex roofs
  • line-item estimating
  • customization of your software
  • uploading and managing images
  • practical tips and workarounds

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The Texas adjuster license is ‘reciprocal’ in 32 states, making it the most versatile license for property claims adjusters.

The Texas adjuster license is commonly required by TPAs (third party administrator companies) as a prerequisite for employment.

It is important to note that ‘reciprocal’ does not mean that a home state license is not required. If you reside in a licensing state, you will need to first acquire your home state’s license; then get the Texas license.

Individuals with a Texas All-Lines Adjuster License may apply for a license in any of the reciprocal states. This is done by providing the appropriate paperwork, meeting the physical requirements (such as minimum age) and paying the required fees.

The benefit of reciprocity is that you do not have to complete a separate training course for each state.
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IMPORTANT:  If you are NOT a Texas resident, and live in a licensing state, you must first obtain your resident license.

Licensing States vs. Non-Licensing States

Those living in non-licensing states (states that do not have licensing requirements for adjusters) may begin with a Texas non-resident license and then immediately benefit from reciprocity.
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Not sure if your state requires an adjuster license?[expand title=”Click here for State-specific resource links”]


The following information is believed to be correct ;

HOWEVER, states may change requirements and rules at any time, without our prior knowledge.


(links will open in a new browser window)

RESOURCE FOR NON-LICENSE STATES: The National Insurance Producer Registry (NIPR) announced in April 2013 that individual Non-Resident Licensing and Renewals are now available in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. (

Alabama – license state

Alaska -license state

Arizona – license state

Arkansas — license state

California –  license state

Colorado – NON-license state; however Public Adjusters must be licensed.  Colorado residents should consider obtaining a non-resident Texas license.

Connecticut – license state

Delaware – license state

District of Columbia  – NON license jurisdiction . DC residents should consider  the non-resident Texas All-Lines license.

Florida – license state

Georgia – license state

Hawaii – license state

Idaho – license state

Illinois – NON license state; however a license is required for Public Adjusters.

Illinois residents who wish to become an independent insurance adjuster should consider  the non-resident Texas All-Lines license.

Indiana – license state

Iowa –  license state

Kansas – non-license state

Kentucky – license state

Louisiana – license state

Maine – license state

Maryland – NON license state;  Public Adjusters require a license. Consider a Texas All-Lines license to begin your career.

Massachusetts –  NON license state; however PUBLIC ADJUSTERS must be licensed. Consider a Texas All-Lines license to begin your career.

Michigan -license state

Minnesota – license state

Mississippi – license state

Missouri – NON license state; Public adjusters must be licensed. Consider a Texas All-Lines license to begin your adjuster career.

Montana – license state

Nebraska -NON license state; Public adjusters must be licensed. Consider a Texas All-Lines license to begin your adjuster career.

Nevada – license state

New Hampshire – license state

New Jersey – NON license state.  Consider a Texas All-Lines license.

New Mexico- license state

New York – license state

North Carolina – license state

North Dakota – NON license state. Consider a Texas All-Lines License.

Ohio – NON license state. Consider a Texas All-Lines license.

Oklahoma – license state

Oregon – license state

Pennsylvania – NON license state. Public adjusters must be licensed. Consider a Texas All-Lines license.

Rhode Island – license state

South Carolina – license state

South Dakota – NON license state. Consider a Texas All-Lines license.

Tennessee – NON license state.  Non-license; public adjusters must be licensed. Consider a Texas All-Lines license.

Texas – license state

Utah -license state

Vermont – license state

Virginia – NON license state. Consider a Texas All-Lines license.

Washington (state) – license state

West Virginia – license state

Wisconsin – NON license state; public adjusters must be licensed. Consider a Texas All-Lines license to begin your career.

Wyoming – license state

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About Texas Adjuster Reprocity

“Texas will grant reciprocity in licensing non-resident adjusters. To the best of our knowledge, the following states issue an adjuster license that would allow reciprocal licensing in Texas…”

[expand title=”Listing of Reciprocal License States-click to open”] Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho,Kentucky, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Oregon, Rhode Island, SouthCarolina, Utah, Vermont, Washington, West Virginia, Wyoming.


NOTE: Always verify with your home state! Rules and requirements may change without our knowledge.[/expand]

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: “Do I need a college degree to be an insurance adjuster?

A: No, it is not required that you have a degree to become a licensed Texas All-Lines Adjuster.

Q: “How do I complete the required 40 Hours, in only 3 Days, for the Texas All-Lines License?”

A: Ten hours are completed before the class begins as ‘self-study’. We provide you with an approved self-study manual, which introduces foundational concepts and definitions. Also included are policy examples.

30 hours are required ‘in class’; 10 hours of ‘self-study’ are required before  class.  Training is scheduled from 8:00 am – 8:00 pm daily and includes time for meals and breaks.

Q: “When And How Do I Take the Final Exam?”

A: You will be tested on the final evening of the class. You must earn a score of 70% or better. If you do not pass the test on the first attempt, you may take it again immediately.

[expand title=”Read more FAQs about becoming an insurance adjuster…(click here)”]

Q: “Do I Get My TX All-Lines License Immediately After Passing the Exam?”

A: No. You must then submit an application to the Texas Department of Insurance, pay the appropriate fees and satisfy the required background check. We will discuss these additional steps in class.

Questions? Call 972-837-8621.Choose 3-Day TX Licensing, 5-Day , or 7-Day options.

Q: “Will You Help Me Find Employment?”

A: We will provide a current list of adjuster firms that you will want to contact. It is your responsibility to follow up and get on their deployment rosters.

Q: “Is This A Career Option For Both Men And Women?”

A: Absolutely. Both women and men will find many opportunities as an insurance adjuster. The TX All-Lines License prepares you for entry into the insurance claims industry, where you may choose from many specialties: auto adjuster, residential property, commercial property, workmens comp, aviation, inland marine, etc.

Q: “What Skills & Abilities Do I Need To Be an Adjuster?”

A: Individuals with a background in construction, cleaning/restoration, property inspection services, and real estate are especially well-suited.

However, even without a construction or real estate background, don’t be discouraged. The necessary skills can be learned.

We promise to deliver practical, actionable training that prepares you for claims adjuster opportunities. If you do not have a construction or real estate background, we recommend the full ‘Pro Adjuster training’, which includes both ‘adjuster fundamentals’ and Xactimate® software training.

Q: “How Much Money Can I Earn As A Claims Adjuster?”

A: This is the question that we get most often. And quite honestly, it really depends on many factors. As an independent adjuster, you are paid on a fee bill schedule, per claim, by the TPA company. What this means is that time is money, especially in this business. More production=more income. You are not limited by a pre-determined salary.(Back to Top)

Questions? Call 972-837-8621 or submit your questions here.

“Why Train With Us?”

We prepare adjusters for long-term success. Our state-certified Texas All-Lines license training is far more than a licensing course.

You will learn from our vast experience in the field exactly what it takes to succeed in this business.

Our instructors are seasoned Texas insurance adjusters, with residential and commercial claims experience. Their real-world experience brings a special perspective to the classroom.

Our core focus is practical application.

Beyond just passing the license exam, you’ll need to know the basics of this business.

Without the proper fundamentals, new adjusters have a high failure rate on their first catastrophe deployment. We’ll make sure you are thoroughly prepared for long-term success in your new adjuster career.

While some larger providers simply don’t have time to care about YOU, our smaller class sizes provide more one-on-one time with the instructors.

TX All-Lines Adjuster License Training-  2014

  • August 15-17, 2014 (friday-saturday-sunday)
  • September 12-14, 2014 (friday-saturday-sunday)

Questions? Call 972.837.8621 to speak with Joel.

Class Modules

  • Texas All-Lines Adjuster License Training & Exam, 3 Days
  • Adjuster Fundamentals, 2 days (optional)
  • Xactimate® Software Training, 2 days (optional)
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Meet Your Trainer

Joel Yeatts is a licensed Texas adjuster. He started his independent claims adjuster career in 2005 with Hurricane Wilma, weeks after Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans and the Mississippi gulf coast.

Joel has both residential and commercial claims experience; he is level-3 certified on Xactimate® and is passionate about sharing his knowledge and years of claims experience.

More About Our North Texas Adjuster License Class Locations…

Restaurants, shopping, grocery stores and multiple hotels…minutes from the meeting locations

Click to open map:  Bridgeport, TX


Still Have Questions? Call 972.837.8621 to speak directly with an instructor.


TX Department of Insurance


12 comments on “North Texas Adjuster License Training
  1. john says:

    please explain more about the xactimate training…if I am new do I have to have this or can I just get the license class?

    • joel yeatts says:

      Hi John,

      Xactimate software training is certainly optional; we do recommend it, though, especially for newbie adjusters. A majority of employers are going to require it on your resume.
      We have 2-day class options in the Dallas-Ft Worth area or you might want to take our webinar classes.

      Hope that helps.

  2. keith says:

    I live in Oklahoma. was wondering if I have to take license classes here first? can I start with the Tx all-lines?

    • Joel Yeatts says:

      Keith, you need to get the OK license first and then get the Texas adjuster license. This was not always the case in the past, but OK is now requiring that you license there first. After that, you can take the TX license training and have reciprocity in 32 states. thanks for your question. Call us if you need more info.

  3. sarah says:

    do you help students to get job placement?

    • Joel says:

      No we don’t provide employment placement services.
      We will provide names/website addresses of third-party administrator companies where you should immediately submit your resume, once you get your license in hand.

  4. mark says:

    do you help us build a resume to get us started

    • Cathy says:

      We don’t have a class module that covers creating your resume; however we will provide a list of third-party administrator companies to contact immediately after you have your license in hand. (these companies are hand picked…they are ones known to accept new adjusters for work assignments)

  5. Charles K. Ambrose says:

    When is next available class that I can enroll in?

    • Cathy says:

      Sorry, no license classes scheduled for 2015 at this time. If you require private Xactimate software training, please use the contact form.

  6. Ann pipkin says:

    When is your next class.

    • jen says:

      There are no license training classes scheduled in 2015. Please use the contact form if you need a quote for private Xactimate training.

Customer’s Feedback

  • " “I have been roofing for the past 6 years, and was ready to make a change by becoming a licensed adjuster.

    I found Texas Adjuster Training, taught by Mr. Joel Yeatts, online. After careful review I decided to take his full week program. I cannot speak highly enough of Joel Yeatts as an instructor, he’s very personable and truly wants to see you succeed.

    I took his course in February 2014, and every time I have a question or I’m stuck on something, I know I can call Joel and he always replies to see me through…”

    S. Weikel
    "Just wanted to thank you for the three day class this past weekend; it was the most helpful one out of the three that I have taken. I will be participating in some of your web seminars to stay fresh on this program.

    Thanks again,

    Paul Young

    "Joel is extremely knowledgable with Xactimate. His training not only allowed me to jump right into making money but, when I needed a refresher course, he took great care of me.

    When you take Joel's class, you not only gain a teacher, but a friend willing to help you to succeed with the knowledge you receive from him. The ability to ask questions at any point made for a unique online training experience."

    Josh Osteen

    "Whether you are technologically challenged, struggling to find the computer on-switch or a seasoned CAD user, Joel will have you effectively using Xactimate software by the end of the course.

    Not only does Joel know this software inside out, he shares that knowledge and experience generously. He is incredibly patient and won't leave you hanging if you need additional help. He has graciously responded to every one of my questions and phone calls.

    I've taken many online courses and webinars and Joel's Xactimate training is by far one of the most effective. I highly recommend's Xactimate training to anyone that needs to use this software proficiently."

    Victoria Freese

    "Finding Joel’s webinar was an answer to prayer. I had two weeks to prepare for an exam, and with Joel’s help I passed the exam and received my certification.

    Two months later I was deployed to my first event, a hurricane on the east coast. Thanks to Joel it was a successful deployment and the start of a new career. Thank you!"

    Mark Caudill

    “The Xactimate training was very thorough and comprehensive. Joel went over every aspect of the software that I would need and answered every question.

    He shared the depths of his experience, providing valuable insights not only into how Xactimate works but best practices for speed and efficiency. I would highly recommend this training for beginners and even those seeking a refresher!”

    David Bryan


    I just wanted to thank you for all of your patience and the wealth of knowledge you were able to teach and show me these past few days.

    I can't tell you how excited I am about the software now where beforehand, I dreaded opening it. Your class should be a must for anyone not familiar with Xactimate.

    Holly Sterquell

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